Thanks for the Memory

Thanks for the memories,
of flights to Germany
Across the Northern Sea,
with blazing guns
We fought the Hun,
for air supremacy.
How lucky we were!

Thanks for the memories,
of Me-109's
And Flak guns on the Rhine
They did their bit and we were hit
So ended our good times...
we miss them so much!

We drifted far out of formation
We jumped-and what a sensation
And now we sweat out the duration
Our job is done, we had our fun.

So thanks for the memory
Of days we had to stay,
at Stalag Luft 1A
The cabbage raw which had to do
Till Red Cross Parcels came
How thankful we were.

So thanks for the memory
When "D" Day came along
We changed our marching song
From "Forever and a Day"
to "War ain't Here to Stay"
We thank God for that!

- Anonymous

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