You'll Never Mind

Come on and join the Air Corps
It's a grand branch so they say
You never do no work at all
Just fly around all day---

While others work and study hard
And so grow old and blind
You take the air without a care
And never never mind. (chorus)

You'll never mind, you'll never mind
Come on and join the Air Corps
And you will never mind---

We are a bunch of heathen
We do not give a snap
For the groundling point of view
And all that sort of crap
We want about 1000 ships
Of every other kind
And then of course our own Air Force
And we will never mind. (chorus)

Come on and get promoted
As high as you deserve
Your riding on a gravy train
You're an Army flier.
And just when you're about to be
A general you will find
Your ship folds up the wings fall off
But you will never mind (chorus)

- Anonymous

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