Merritt Edson

Merritt Edson was born in the United States in 1897. He joined the United States Marine Corps and like Evans Carlson was a great supporter of using guerrilla warfare tactics against the Japanese Army in the Pacific War.

In 1942 Edson was put in charge of the 1st Raider Battalion and Carlson the 2nd Raider Battalion. In August 1942, Edson's men saw action on Tulagi in the Soloman Islands. He then transferred to Guadalcana where his men was given the job of defending Henderson Airfield. Edson did so well he was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Edson's 1st Raider Battalion worked alongside regular troops after August 1943 and were involved in taking the Gilbert Islands and the Marshall Islands. In 1944 Edson was appointed Chief of Staff to the Fleet Marine Force in the Pacific. Merritt Edson died in 1955.

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