Kurt von Tippelskirch

Kurt von Tippelskirch was born in Germany. He joined the German Army and on the outbreak of the Second World War was director of army intelligence.

In the summer of 1941 he took part in Operation Barbarossa where he commanded the 30th Infantry Division. Promoted to head of the 12th Corps and in May 1943 moved to the 4th Army.

In July 1944, Tippelskirch was badly injured in a plane crash and was invalided back to Germany. After recovering he was sent to Italy where he took command of the 14th Army. On 26th December 1944, Tippelskirch launched Operation Winter Thunderstorm. It was a great success and helped to halt the Allied offensive until spring 1945.

Replaced by Joachim Lemelsen in February 1945, Tippelskirch returned to lead the 21st Army in the defence of northern Germany against the Red Army. Tippelskirch surrendered to the US Army on 2nd May 1945. After the war Tippelskirch wrote several books on military history.

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