Edgar J. Kain

Edgar James Kain was born in Hastngs, New Zealand, on 27th June, 1918. After leaving school he worked as a clerk in his father's business in Wellington.

Kain took up flying and obtained his pilot's licence with the Wellington Aero Club in 1936. The following year he moved to England where he joined the Royal Air Force.

On the outbreak of the Second World War Kain was a member of 73 Squadron. On 8th November 1939 Kain shot down a Dornier D017 reconnaissance aircraft. A few days later he brought down a second Dornier.

As a result of bad weather Kain saw little action for the next three months. However, on 1st March, 1940, Kain shot down a Messerschmitt Bf 109 before being hit by his companion and he was forced to crash land in Metz. He shot down another BF 109 on 26th March but once again his plane was badly damaged and he was had to bale out and suffered burns to his face.

During the summer of 1940 Kain became the best known flying ace in Britain when he shot down another ten German aircraft over France. On the 7th June 190, Edgar James Kain was ordered to return to England. A group of friends decided to see him off and while performing a series of low level aerobatics in his Spitfire he crashed on the airfield and was killed.

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